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Is it possible to obtain a free download Pdf of IGNOU MGS 4 Solved Assignment 2021-22?

For all IGNOU MA (Gender and Development Studies) Courses, the remote university delivers Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) in the form of a PDF booklet. Students can view and download the January and July session assignment booklets for free via the IGNOU official website. These, however, are incomplete tasks. As a result, there are no available free IGNOU Solved Assignment for MGS 4 Course.

Link to Download IGNOU MGS 4 Solved Assignment 2021-22


Last Date of IGNOU Assignment Submission 2021-22

  • The last date for submitting MGS 4 Assignment is 30st April if you intend to appear for the June Term End Exams.
  • Similarly, the last date for submitting MGS 4 Assignment is 31st October if you intend to appear for the December Term End Exams.

Writing Tips for IGNOU MGS 4 Solved Assignment 2021-22

Students should consult our IGNOU Study Materials/Books for further guidance on how to approach IGNOU assignments, in addition to the recommendations provided below.

1) Review the IGNOU Study Materials before to beginning.

Prior to commencing, examine all IGNOU Study Materials, as well as our IGNOU Help books and IGNOU Solved assignment, to ensure that you understand how to write for a fair grade.

2) Keep the size of the cover page to a minimum.        

There are no decorative borders or embellishments on the cover tab. The student’s name, enrollment number, complete address, and date should appear in the upper right corner of the screen, with the Title, Assignment Number, and Study Center Name in the centre.

3) Submit your work on your own.                                                             

The role is handwritten. The use of a word processor or copied and pasted text is prohibited. It is not a good idea to delegate tasks to programmers or to anybody else.

4) Complete Assignments in a timely manner.                                          

It is important that you finish the assignment, completely review it for content and syntax, and, if possible, redo pages to ensure that no chapters, words, or phrases have been crossed out or corrected. Above all, guarantee that the task is finished and implemented on time, at least one week ahead of schedule.

5) Make use of white A4 paper.                                                                                                 

It is recommended that you write on one side of high-quality A4 white paper, leaving adequate margins on the left, right, bottom, and top of the pages for page numbers.

6) Begin by writing your response on the first page.

On the front page, include the required question number for each response.

7) Maximize the effectiveness of your handwriting.              

While writing slowly and deliberately in your best handwriting might be tiresome and time-consuming, it is recommended. The writing must be readable.

8) The response’s relevance                                         

According to the examiners, each issue should receive a four- or five-page answer. Utilize concise paragraphs and maybe subheadings to organise your response.

How to Make an IGNOU Assignment Submission?

Now, as a result of the lockdown and other pandemic-related rules, the institution has not only delayed the deadline for submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments, but has also created a new method for submitting them. Students now have the option of submitting IGNOU assignments online if they are unable to attend their designated centres.Thus, students now have three distinct methods for submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments based on their convenience.

Using the Offline Mode                                     

This is the standard method via which students submit homework. Students must complete all assignment questions and then submit them to the study centre. When creating assignments, you should ensure that the very first page has all required information.

  • The student’s name
  • Enrollment number and programme code
  • The name, code, and address of the study centre to which you will submit the assignment
  • Student’s mobile phone number and email address

If you submit IGNOU Solved Assignments directly to the study centre through offline mode, the person at the study centre will provide you with a receipt that you must save until the result is declared.

Using the Online Mode

Students who are unable to attend the study centre in person to submit their IGNOU Solved Assignments can now do it online using one of these two options. It should be noted that both techniques are subject to availability at the designated regional centre.

Google Sheets                                                                     

The initial way is via Google Forms. Students may access IGNOU’s regional portals and then submit their IGNOU assignments. You can successfully submit IGOU assignments using Google Form by following the instructions below.

Additionally, visit the official websites of IGNOU Regional Centers.

Step 1: To begin, consult the list of IGNOU Regional Centres on the IGNOU’s Official Website and navigate to your RC’s website.

Step 2: On the front page of RC’s official website, navigate to the News and Events area.

Step 3: You should be presented with the Assignment Guidelines or Assignment Submission options, which you must select.

Step 4: When you click the link, the Google form opens in your browser.

Step 5: Begin filling out the form with accurate information such as your name, enrollment number, and subject code.

Step 6: Carefully upload your assignment’s scanned copy and submit the form.

Follow-up Instructions

  • While submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments via Google Form, be careful to follow these critical requirements.
  • Each subject requires a separate form.
  • Ascertain that the assignment files are uploaded appropriately.
  • You must scan and submit the handwritten copies of the assignments.
  • Assignments should not exceed 100MB in size when scanned.
  • You should send the scanned copy only in PDF format.
  • While you will input the essential information on the Google Form, it is a good idea to include the same information on your IGNOU assignment copy as well.
  • The option to submit assignments using Google Forms will be accessible only when the email submission quota has been reached.

Using Email Address                                                         

Though IGNOU has begun accepting assignments using Google Forms, this option will not be available in all regional centres. Google Forms will be available only if a regional center’s email quota has been exhausted and they are no longer able to receive assignment emails from students.

The following is the procedure for submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments through email.

Step 1: On the first page of your assignment, provide any pertinent information that you would include in an offline submission, such as your name, topic name and code, programme and course code, study centre name and code, and contact information.

Step 2: Scan your handwritten homework and save it as a PDF. Each PDF copy should contain a separate topic assignment.

Step 3: Conduct a Google search for the email address of your regional centre in the same manner as you did for the regional centre portal link.

Step 4: In the body of the email, provide all of the details shown on the front page of your assignments in a listicle manner.

Step 5: Attach the PDF versions of your assignments to the email and submit it to the regional center’s designated email address.

Following the email’s transmission, you should get an acknowledgement. This acknowledgement email may take a few hours to arrive. However, if you have not gotten it, you should check to see if the regional portal provided the Google Forms URL and post the assignments there as well.

Additionally, many of IGNOU’s regional centres do not email confirmation or acknowledgement following the submission of IGNOU Assignments, so you do not need to be concerned; instead, you should monitor the progress of your assignments to obtain the result.

How to get full marks in IGNOU MGS 4 Solved Assignment 2021-22?

The following points are important to remember in order to achieve excellent grades on MGS 4 Solved Assignment.

  • Write a comprehensive answer, addressing all important points. Incorrectly completed answer sheets can result in low grades.
  • Respond to the questions in your own speech rather than depending on the IGNOU Study Materials.
  • Do not copy from the answer cards of other students. If plagiarism is found on a student’s work, it is likely that the IGNOU assignment will be rejected.